Are DIY HVAC Projects a Good Idea?

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Are DIY HVAC Projects a Good Idea? No, They’re Not and Here’s Why

With so many ‘do-it-yourself’ websites, online guides and YouTube videos now available, it is never been easier for the home tinkerer to find worthwhile ways to spend his or her time.

Why hire overpriced experts when you can build it, fix it or refurbish it all on your own—and have a boatload of fun while doing it?

But no matter how much you enjoy DIY projects, you should not attempt to install, repair or fully maintain your heating and cooling equipment. There are limits to what even the most well-informed home-dwelling Mr. Fix It can accomplish, and you could be pushing your luck to the edge of a steep cliff if you start messing around with your furnace or air conditioner.

HVAC Systems are for Experts, not Enthusiasts

There are a few things you can safely do with your HVAC system. Like changing your air filter or cleaning dusty or grimy surface areas. Or programming your own thermostat.

But if you try to go deeper you’ll quickly bite off more than you can chew. Before you start scratching that DIY itch on your HVAC equipment, here are some important facts to consider …

Air conditioners run on electricity.

If you make a mistake with electricity you could end up starting a fire. Or more horrifically, if you stick your screwdriver or finger in the wrong place you could give yourself a jolt of alternating current so prodigious it could send you to the hospital—or to the morgue.

Gas and oil furnaces are prone to deadly carbon monoxide leaks and in some cases may actually explode.

Neither of these should happen if your gas appliances are properly serviced. But if you start fooling around with natural gas and/or the systems that deliver it and burn it, who knows what kind of innocent mistake you might make? And what the results of that mistake might be? Remember, carbon monoxide kills and so do gas explosions.

Modern furnaces and air conditioners have extremely sensitive interior components that are prone to damage if handled improperly.

Pushing, pulling, poking, prodding or attempting to clean the interior components of your HVAC equipment could cause breakage or catastrophic equipment failure. Without proper training you should never remove the protective covers from your HVAC equipment, what you find there can only get you into trouble.

Installing new parts in your HVAC equipment is a complicated procedure, and you have to make sure the new elements are compatible with your existing furnace and/or air conditioner.

If a part failure or breakdown occurs you might think replacing it is pretty straightforward. But without training and experience you could easily purchase the wrong part or make a basic mistake attempting to install it, which could of course have disastrous repercussions down the line.

Most manufacturer warranties are null and void if the heating or cooling appliance is worked on—and somehow damaged—by an amateur.

Did you know that? Well it’s true. The companies that manufacture furnaces and air conditioners know very well how delicate and sophisticated this equipment is, and they know how unwise it is for DIY’ers to tread where only trained HVAC technicians should travel.

Here’s What You Can Do: Call All Air Heating and Air and Ask for Assistance

There is no doubt that installation, repair and essential maintenance of HVAC systems should be left to the professionals.

And if you happen to live in the Lodi/Sacramento/Stockton/Livermore/Tracy area and need HVAC-related services, All Air can give you access to some of the most highly-qualified professionals working in the industry.

Regardless of your needs please call us and ask us to dispatch a technician to your home as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure the job gets done properly, safely and affordably. That’s a much better alternative than trying to do it yourself, since our technicians have the skill, experience and hands-on training to handle any situation or meet any challenge that involves home heating and cooling technology.

Why even think about doing it yourself, when All Air is ready, willing and able to do it for you?



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