Make Your Home Environment Healthier with a UV Lamp in Livermore

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Make Your Home Environment Healthier with a UV Lamp in Livermore

With HVAC systems cleanliness matters and it matters a lot. If you have contaminants inside your ductwork or in the proximity of your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, through the normal operation of your system these pollutants may be spread far and wide throughout your living space.

Dust, dirt and chemical contaminants are bad enough, but when disease- or allergy-causing micro-organisms invade your HVAC system this can be especially troublesome. If this happens in your home your family may experience a multitude of debilitating medical symptoms without having any idea what’s really going on. The coughing, the sneezing, the sniffling, the itching and the general respiratory distress will drive you batty and leave you desperate to find a reason for and a solution to your suffering.

Unfortunately biological invasions of your HVAC system are a stealth culprit. How can you be expected to understand what’s happening—or do anything about it­—if you can’t see what’s taking place inside your heating and cooling equipment? Should you suspect something you can call an HVAC technician to come to your house to take a closer look, but even if he finds something by that time the damage to your health may have already been done.

But take heart, because there is a measure you can take to get rid of mold, mildew, bacteria, virus or fungus, or dramatically reduce the likelihood they’ll infect your HVAC system and bring misery to your life. To eliminate this threat you can install an HVAC-style ultraviolet (UV) light, which will drop the hammer on any teeny tiny marauders it encounters in the blink of an eye.

What is a UV Lamp in Livermore and What Makes it So Effective?

A UV light or lamp produces electromagnetic radiation at extremely short wavelengths, which can cause havoc and destruction inside vulnerable living organisms.

When customized for use in an HVAC system, UV lamps are installed adjacent to the evaporator coils in the air handler or air conditioner, where it can shine directly on the areas where it is needed the most. Because the coils collect moisture they make a natural breeding or settling ground for unwanted micro-invaders, who need a wet environment to survive and thrive.

From the perspective of these organisms ultraviolet light is a feared enemy that will strike them dead or render them inactive at the moment of first contact. UV lamps have a rather benign appearance, making it hard to believe they can have such a dramatic effect. But one perfectly placed UV lamp in Livermore can cut off a micro-biological invasion right at the source, preventing the migration of spores and germs to other areas of your house.

As we approach air conditioning season this would be the perfect time to have a UV lamp in Livermore strategically installed inside your HVAC system, since steady air conditioner operation is a prodigious promoter of mold, mildew, fungus and bacterial growth. In instances where the invasion has already taken place and is running out of control, UV lamp in Livermore may be used in combination with chemical catalysts that can expand their killing range and power.

UV Lamps are an All Air Specialty

UV lamps in Livermore are simple in design and simple to install, but they can have a major effect on your home’s air quality. These lights can banish the “sick house” phenomenon that leaves so many people baffled and confused about the true source of their frequent illnesses. They are equally potent as a remedy for an existing problem or a preventive measure to head off future difficulty.

At All Air Heating and Air we know all about UV lamps and their capacity to heal an ailing home and protect your family’s health.  If you would like more information about UV lamps, please call us right away and we’ll give you the lowdown on this innovative but highly underutilized technology.


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