Top 7 Myths about Home Air Conditioning in Livermore

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Top 7 Myths about Home Air Conditioning Livermore

Top 7 Myths about Home Air Conditioning in Livermore

Air conditioning season is fast approaching, and if you have not already done so you should contact your HVAC contractor to schedule a maintenance visit. This is smart and necessary to make sure your cooling system is in top working condition.

But you know what else is smart? Learning as much as you can about air conditioners and efficient home cooling system operation. That way you’ll know how to keep your home comfortable while getting the absolute most out of your energy dollars.

Knowledge is power, but unfortunately there are some myths about air conditioning that can steer you wrong if you believe them. Let’s spend a few moments in debunking mode so we can set the record straight …

Myth #1: To get the house cool faster, you should set the thermostat lower than you really want it to kick the air conditioner into overdrive.

Air conditioners don’t have an “overdrive.” The rate of cooling won’t be altered in the slightest by a lower thermostat setting, your air conditioner will simply keep going at the same speed for a longer period of time. And if you should forget to switch it off, you’ll waste money by cooling your home more than you intended.

Myth #2: It is actually more energy efficient to leave your air conditioner running when you leave home for a while, instead of turning it off and on and forcing it to play catch-up.

The reality is straightforward and simple. Your home energy bills will rise and fall based entirely on the total number of minutes your air conditioner is turned on, and under no circumstances can you shorten that allotment of time by leaving it on when you are not at home. If you do that you’ll waste energy by cooling an empty home, that is the only possible result.

Myth #3: Closing off vents in unused or lightly used rooms will help reduce your air conditioning bills.

No, modern air conditioners are programmed to cool entire homes and will not operate at peak efficiency if you interfere with their normal functioning. When you shut off room vents you’ll create pressure imbalances in the ductwork that can cause air leaks in spot where pressure is elevated, forcing your cooling appliance to work harder to compensate for the losses.

Myth #4: While air conditioners shouldn’t be left on when you’re not at home, you can get a good cooling effect by leaving ceiling fans on instead.

Okay, so strictly speaking this isn’t a myth about air conditioning, but it does relate to home cooling so we’ll stretch the concept a bit and include it. Air conditioners are the only home appliance that can cool your home’s air, fans are only effective when they’re blowing directly on you. Fans cool warm bodies by encouraging evaporation from exposed skin, they don’t actually cool the air at all.

Myth #5: Having the air conditioner on all the time will damage your indoor air quality by cutting off ventilation and fresh air.

Air conditioners don’t damage indoor air quality. Your HVAC system may contribute to the problem if your air filter hasn’t been regularly changed or if your ducts haven’t been cleaned recently, but ultimately the real sources of indoor air pollution are found elsewhere. Maintain your HVAC equipment properly by keeping it clean and it will actually help improve your air quality.

Myth #6: An air conditioner will perform the same no matter where you install it.

Not true. You always want the outdoor half of a split-system air conditioner installed in the most heavily shaded/unobstructed spot available. The heat of the Sun and the blockage of air flow to the outdoor unit will reduce its operational efficiency and force it to work harder (use more energy) to keep up with your cooling demands.

Myth #7: Energy-efficient Energy Star air conditioners automatically reduce your cooling bills.

They will if and only if your cooling system has been properly sized. If you have an air conditioner that is too big or too small for the space its asked to cool, it’ll either run endlessly or overcool far too frequently, boosting your energy bills more than necessary in the process.

Need Help with Your Air Conditioning? All Air is the Best and that is No Myth

If you really want to get the facts about your air conditioner, and about how it should be serviced and maintained, your best bet in the Lodi/Stockton/Sacramento area is to contact All Air Heating and Air. Bring us in for a pre-cooling season maintenance visit and our technicians will answer all your questions and give you tips on smooth, efficient air conditioner operation.

And if you are in the market for a brand new air conditioner, by all means contact us right away and together we’ll explain your options and give you some good recommendations.


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